6 Steps: Launch Caricaya Product Under Your Brand


1. Research the market

This consumer need for Caricaya is not a fad.  The modern western diet does not agree with about 10% of the population.   Foods that cause ocasional heartburn are hard for most of us to give up--tomato sauces, onions, peppers, mint, chocolote, citrus, coffee, wine, sodas, smoking, etc.  Eaters are seeking to have both their favorite foods and a happy stomach.

Check out the retail prices and start thinking of a target retail price for a month's supply (180 capsules) of similar supplements, antacids and OTC products.

2. Analyze the Margins

Call our North American Distributor, Anderson Global Group, for wholesale bulk pricing of Caricaya pre-mix.   There's plenty of gross margin for downstream retailers, distributors and your company's G&A and profit.  Caricaya is priced to meet industry norms for supplement ingredient cost per dose.

3. Review our Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Our ingredient and manufacturing specifications make sure you meet the quality expectations of your customers and food safety regulators.  

We used a well-respected independent lab for our R&D  testing to qualify our suppliers and processors.  They have an excellent reputation for accuracy and integrity.  We had them develop a custom analytical procedure for active ingredient glucosinolate.

Ask your representative at Anderson Global Group for the COA and a free pre-mix sample and have your lab independently verify our COA results to your satisfaction.

4. 1,000 Bottle In-Market Test

Order enough Caricaya pre-mix for the bottle and capsule count you select .  Our premix inventory is in the Los Angeles metro at the Anderson Global Group warehouse.  We also can supply encapsulated Caricaya to further expedite the process.

Develop your own product name and label.   A written license to use the Caricaya™ name and trademark to describe the premix, when purchased from Anderson Global Group, RayIsles' exclusive North American Distributor, but it many not be used as the product name or part of the product name.  The license is free to clients.

Share bottles of the new product with friends, family and your own user panel to get feedback.  Digestive health is complex, but a high proportion of the target user base should get great results.  We confirmed this in a user study of glucosinate and zinc during our development of Caricaya.

5. White Label Opportunity

Tap the creativity and advertising budgets  of independent e-commerce marketers by offering a white label Caricaya product.  

6. Share the Big News

Tap your marketing and sales teams to introduce Caricaya to your retail channels.  Build buzz on social media and start gathering reviews and testimonials.

7. Scale Up Sales: Order More Caricaya

You know the lead times of your bottlers.   We will work with you to scale up production volume quickly through your rollout while acheiving  your high quality standards.  Be prepared for success.