Caricaya FAQs


1. What's the target market?

Adults who get occational heartburn from certain foods and beverages or triggers such as smoking.   Customers know if the product works which builds repeat sales brand loyalty.

Reducing the symptoms of occasional heartburn is a large and continuing market, with 7% of the population experiencing it daily and 14% weekly.  A full 25% of the population has a chronic stomach disorder including indigestion and heartburn and 10% use prescription medications to address it.  Yet independent studies show that these chemically-manufactured drugs don't work for 20-30% of the treated population.  

Annual sales for drugs that suppress the release of gastric acid into the stomach are over $13 billion in the U.S. alone.  

2. What's a fast go-to-maket strategy?

Specify the Caricaya premix in the digestive health product you take to market.  Cusotmize the dose, format, and packaging.  Develop your own brand name and claim language.  Let RayIsles handle the headaches of procurement, special handling and milling and blending.   This helps keep your working capital requirements down while increasing flexability and resupply.

3. Are filled capsules an option?

Yes.  We keep a stock of bulk capules baged and boxed, ready for shipment to your bottler.  Great way to do a short run for a marketing test. 

4. Do Caricaya supplements sell?

RayIsles is selling retail product on its website and on Amazon to find out.   We can share our results under an NDA.  Our mimimum price is visible to our wholeale clients and our goal is to defend a profitable margin for all.

5. How much consumer media coverage is there of garden cress supplements?

Some but not alot.   This is an innvoative use of garden cress seed, so it is unique, novel and their is plenty of space for new products and brands.  

The active indents, glucosinolate and zinc have a substantial scientific literature.  

RayIsles is dedicated to building the web footprint of garden cress and glucosinolate, and nurturing digestive health influencers.

6. Are glucosinolate, and zinc safe at the recommended servings?

We researched the scientific literature, talked to experts and conducted a user study (with a related seed) to satisfy ourselves.   Garden cress and its seeds have been human foods since they were domesticated thousands of years ago.  They are grown, sold and eaten worldwide.  Cress seeds are also sold for eating as sprouts.  We saw no red flags but this is a new product.  That's one reason we are selling retail; to reduce your produc and marketing risks.  Of course, you will of  have to make your own judgement.  We stand behind our COA specifications but offer no further warranty or guarantee.  

7. Is Caricaya Effective?

89 percent of 40 volunteers with occasional heartburn who tried Caricaya's glusosinolate and zinc reported that they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with this new dietary supplement.  74 percent of the subjects reported that Caricaya was “better” or “much better “ than the product they previously took to prevent or alleviate heartburn symptoms.