Supplement brands compete for shelf space and consumer loyalty.  Digestive health is growing market.


A unique partnership of scientists and entrepreneur

Retired Professor Tushar Ray, Ph.D, reached out to Clyde Hanson to help  commercialize intellectual property in a new theoretical paper on how the cells of the stomach lining control the level of bile acids they release.  Hanson brought in Paul Burgio, a retired 3M scientist with many patents to collaborate.  There were may long conferences calls where they talked about the science and commercial applications.  There were long minutes of silence when Burgio would queue up a question for Dr. Ray and he would think deeply before answering.  The briefing for the patent lawyer was over 50 pages.

Working with the patent attorney preparing answers to the patent examiner's questions and objections, the team planned and conducted a series of small, proof-of-concept animal studies.  While the samples were small to keep the costs manageable, they supported continued prosecution of the paper.  

In discussions with the patent lawyer about future animal studies to support patent claims, he found that the active ingredient had been disclosed to the public in a published paper by Dr. Ray many years earlier so it could not be pursued as a materials patent.  The team had long planned to develop a dietary supplement based on this learning to help fund the patenting and a possible drug development process.   So they kept on it and developed Caricaya herbal premix for heartburn health.  It's formulation and method of production have a patent pending.  Building the supply chain alone took three years of trials.

Hanson, Burgio and IngTech consulting group developed Caricaya and selected an effective North American exclusive Distributor.

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Caricaya™ is a branded pre-mix that quickly opens a large market for retail brands of dietary supplements.  Digestive health is a growing market and Caricaya™ provides consumers a new option to antacids and proton pump inhibitor drugs.  A user study of Caricaya found a high level of user satisfaction.